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July 09 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Thanks to our own dancers telling their friends about us, we have recently had quite a few new beginners attending our beginners classes on Monday, Tuesday nights, Thursday morning & Saturday afternoon classes. We have not had to advertise new beginners classes! From August 3rd, the Monday night WOMEN ONLY class (Scout Hall, 2 Miller St Elsternwick) will commence at 7.30 pm to accommodate new beginners (i.e.. no previous experience). The class will continue with the current beginners to low-intermediate levels until 10.15 pm. I will be starting the class at 7.30 pm until the new ZOOZ'ies have caught up with the basic steps. If you have any female friends or relatives you would like to introduce to Israeli dancing....well now is the time! Please bring them along for their first FREE lesson. They will get individual attention. Make sure they understand that I teach Israeli dancing and not simcha dancing. I am also starting slightly earlier on Tuesday nights (Malvern Central School)  (around 7.15 pm) as we have had a few new beginners on Tuesday evenings as well. This is a mixed class which continues with circle dancing graduating up to low-intermediate/intermediate levels until 10 pm and then partner dancing until 10.30 pm most evenings. The numbers in attendance in this class each week is growing. Anyone wanting to learn partner dancing, this class offers a great opportunity for you to do so. Let me know if you are interested in starting. Many people prefer partner dancing to circle dancing!  Cindy takes our wonderful  ZOOZ Thursday morning class at the Scout Hall in Miller St Elsternwick, and Cindy is also now starting a little earlier to accommodate the new beginners (9.15 am). This class continues with beginners to low-intermediate levels (now learning more & more intermediate dances) until 12.15 pm. This is not a women's only class, however, as we have male dancers occasionally joining in.  On Saturday afternoons, (Malvern Central School) we are commencing with our new beginners at 1.30 pm. for the next few weeks until they are integrated with the rest of the beginners. Our fun revision class (which is growing steadlily) follows for ALL levels gradually progressing from beginners to advanced levels and concludes at 5 pm. My fellow teacher, Marsha, as you all know, has had many years of teaching experience and is a very patient and caring teacher and much loved and admired by all and a great asset to ZOOZ.  Don't forget that we are the first to ever offer new beginners a beginners pass which entitles them to 8 lessons for only $40, (GREAT VALUE!) or they can pay $4 for the first 4 weeks and thereafter pay casual class fees of $9, or they can buy one of our regular class passes - 6 classes for $50 or 11 classes for $90. Remember, we DON'T have any JOINING FEES or Membership Fees at ZOOZ! Summary - New Beginners classes:-FIRST CLASS IS FREE! Monday nights - Women ONLY - 7.30 pm commencing 3rd August - Scout Hall, Miller St ElsternwickTuesday nights - 7.15 pm commencing now - Malvern Central School, 2 Spring Rd MalvernThursday mornings 9.15 am commencing now - Scout Hall ElsternwickSaturday afternoons - 1.30 pm commencing now - Malvern Central SchoolIf one of your friends registers for a new beginners pass, you will receive a gift of a ZOOZ cd of fantastic music to enjoy If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask. Please let me know if you have any friends who are interested in coming along to any of the classes.  I would like to invite any of our more experienced dancers who wishes to brush up on some of the basic steps and the rhythm of those steps, to join in with the new beginners program. This is invaluable if you wish to become an intermediate to advanced level dancer in the future. You will be surprised how much you take in the second or even 3rd time around! There is SO much to absorb the first time you learn the steps and the dances, and very few people can take it all in and retain it! Don't forget that the basic steps you learn as a new beginner are EXACTLY the same steps you will do in advanced dances. So if you can master them (& the timing) in easy beginners' dances, you will find learning more difficult dances a breeze....and that's a promise! I always refer my dancers to  Cindy's experiences. It is sometimes hard to believe that Cindy only commenced dancing with me just over 4 years ago as a new beginner!! Yes, she is amazing!  In case you haven't already read it, please click on this link to read a small article she wrote for our web site......... http://www.zoozdancing.com/zd1/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=59&Itemid=2 There is no doubt that Cindy would not have achieved what she has managed to achieve in such a small space of time, had she not gone through our ZOOZ beginners' course a few times. She worked very hard on her timing and her technique and to our great joy, (but no surprise!) she has now become a simply fabulous teacher, admired and loved by all. I should also mention one of our other students, Martin. Martin also attended several ZOOZ beginners classes a week in the beginning, and he went on to have incredible success in his dancing skills, and was dancing in our Thursday night advanced class within about 2 years. Martin also went on to create a web site which has the glossary of dance steps using my terminology and explanations of the basic steps, as well as the notations for hundreds of circle and partner dances. I started him off with notations for about 14 dances, and he went on to do the rest!!  Here is the link to his web site from the ZOOZ web site menu, which you might find a very valuable resource:- http://www.zoozdancing.com/zd1/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=86&Itemid=2 

Most of you will know that Martin has recently had a very serious illness, and all of us at ZOOZ are delighted that he is recovering very, very quickly and hopefully will be back dancing in the not too distant future! Well done Martin! His sheer tenacity, courage and will power has stood him in good stead! He is certainly an inspiration to us all! Martin's wife, Doris, has also been through a terrible period herself, but thankfully all is looking up now and she will be rejoining her dance classes soon!

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