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Israeli Dancing consolidates the skills of coordination, confidence, memory, fitness, and rhythm, and exposes you to a wide variety of musical styles. Great for the mind and body, it is also GREAT fun. It is highly addictive and you will find it to be a great stress reliever too! It is a terrific way to make new friendships and to enjoy classes with your friends or family.
Throughout the classes, a repertoire of dances the students have learnt is played. Each dance lasts 2-3 minutes and has its own name, music and sequence of steps. Repertoire is based on several basic steps that once mastered make learning any new dance a lot easier. The repertoire of dances ranges from beginner level to advanced.
Dances taught in the repertoire cover older traditional folk classics going back over 50 years, to the more modern top 40 Israeli and other International hits.

Circle Dancing

Everyone in the room dances in a circle formation theoretically doing the same steps at the same time and in the same direction!
With children’s classes in particular, students are encouraged to participate vocally as a form of self-expression - creating a wonderfully fun and vibrant atmosphere.
Styles of dance covered in circle dances: Predominantly Israeli and also Middle Eastern, Salsa/Latin, Greek, Russian, Hip Hop, and more!

Line Dancing
These are dances where everyone faces the same side of the room in rows or lines! Line dances incorporate traditional Israeli songs and steps as well as routines to modern Israeli songs and even well-known hits from the Australian charts.
Styles of dance covered in line dances: Israeli, Middle Eastern, Salsa, Funk, Jazz, Greek, Irish, Hip Hop, Country & Western, and more!

Partner Dancing
These are dances that require a partner.
It is possible to take classes at ZOOZ without having your own partner.
Styles of dance covered in partner dances: Predominantly Israeli and also Middle Eastern, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Rock’n’roll, and more! Many of our female dancers have introduced their husbands to Israeli dancing by commencing partner dancing classes with them.
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