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November 2008 Bulletin PDF Print E-mail

Dear Dancers/Friends,


Next weekend, November 22 & 23rd 2008, different faith traditions will come together in the spirit of peace to celebrate at the Rye Interfaith Festival. The Interfaith Festival will take place at Rye’s main foreshore reserve, next to Rye Pier (Melway Reference 168 F4).

The teachers of ZOOZ, Belinda, Richelle, Cindy & Marsha, together with Colette & Sue, will be performing 4 Israeli dances at 11am on Sunday 23rd November. (Because of the size of the stage, we had to limit the number of performers).

 Following the performance, we will be inviting the members of the audience to participate in learning a couple of beginners dances. It would be wonderful to have you come along to support us and help us to teach the crowd. (well... we hope there will be a crowd watching!)

If you come down for the day, or even for the whole weekend, we're sure you will find various workshops &  activities that will be very interesting. Below is some further information about the activities available at the festival and here is the link to the web site http://www.interfaithfestival.com.au/site/rye--accommodation.html

The festival will allow individuals and groups to learn more about each others beliefs and practices. In particular, traditions will demonstrate different aspects of their faith through music, dance, art, food, workshops and talks.


We had a very pleasing number of dancers turning up early last Thursday night for revision. We commenced with a few warm up dances and then started revision promptly at 7.40 pm. Last week, we walked through Kol Shana (Every Year) very quickly and thoroughly revised Yar'each Limon (Lemon Moon).

This week we will walk through Yar'each Limon, and as per request, revise Tikvateynu (Our Hope)  (also choreographed by Kobi Michaeli.)

Later in the evening Belinda will be revising the dance she taught last week, Balagan (Chaos) and we will be introducing another of Kobi Michaeli's beautiful dances.

Please let us know your revision requests for Thursday evening, either in person or by email.


Our final party for the year, for ALL LEVELS - from new beginners to advanced, will be held on Thursday evening December 18th at rear of St John's, 5 Finch St East Malvern. Save the date! Don't miss out on a great time! ALL WELCOME! Further details coming soon.



On Saturday afternoon, November 29th (for ONE WEEK ONLY) the class will be held at the Ewing Memorial Church hall, cnr Burke Rd & Central Park Rd. (only 2 blocks from Finch St.) Hall entrance is in Burke Rd. Class will commence at 2 pm.

 St John's is unavailable that day. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The repertoire of this class is increasing rapidly! Dancers from other beginner classes on Monday or Tues nights or Thursday morning, will find this class helpful to improve their grasp of the basic steps & timing & rhythm. Dancing twice a week is a big help to you particularly in remembering the steps of dances  It is also a good class for more advanced dancers who need to touch up on the basic steps. Next week we are still concentrating on the yemenite steps and revising a brand new dance to ZOOZ.


Some of you told me you had lost your flier with details of all our classes - so here is a run through:-

Monday evening (WOMEN ONLY) *Scout Hall  - Beginners to Low-Intermediate commencing 8.15 pm

Tuesday morning - *Scout Hall - Low-intermediate to Advanced - commences 9.30 am

Tuesday evening - **Finch St E Malvern - Beginners to Low-Intermediate - commencing 7.30 pm

Wednesday evening - **Finch St - Low-inter to High-intermediate PARTNERS - commencing 7.30 pm

Thursday morning - *Scout Hall - Beginners to Low Intermediate - commences at 9.15 am

Thursday evening - **Finch St E Malvern - Intermediate to Advanced - commences 7.30 pm

Saturday afternoon - **Finch St E Malvern - New Beginners to Beginners - commencing 2 pm

*Scout Hall - 2 Miller Street Elsternwick (off Hotham St) near cnr Glenhuntly Rd & Nepean H'wy.

**Finch St. - rear of St John's, 5 Finch St. East Malvern (off Dandenong Rd. opposite Zagame's)


We have not yet finalised our starting back dates for all our classes. Please let us know at your next class, whether you will be away in January and if so, when you will be returning from your holidays.

5. ZOOZ CAMP 2009

In September at our last camp, we announced the dates for next year's camp. It will be held

  Friday 1st May - Sunday 3rd May 2009.  Please keep this weekend free!! Our last 2 camps were so much fun - we would hate you to miss out!  We will be back in Rosebud.

This will be a camp without a choreographer. All dances will be taught by the ZOOZ teachers, Richelle, Belinda, Cindy & Marsha.

More details coming soon..........

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