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Dearest  Dancers & Friends,

From all of the ZOOZ Teachers & Staff, we wish you  a very HAPPY 2014, with lots & lots of dancing, in excellent health!

As you are probably all aware by now, we are mourning the loss of our most beloved son & brother, Paul.  Here is a link to a tribute by Tennis Australia which will provide you with some details in case you hadn't heard. (copy & paste onto your browser if link doesn't open)   http://www.tennis.com.au/news/2013/12/17/paul-arber-a-tragic-loss  

Today we were informed  that there is going to be a special award presented to a young coach, in Paul's honour - (cut & paste onto brower) http://www.itpa-tennis.org/paul-arber-young-coaches-award.html

For those of you who were unable to attend the funeral, here is the link , if you feel inclined to watch it. (copy & paste onto your browser if link doesn't open) 

http://portal.rivustv.com/cp_media_player.php?content=18709&a=13067&p=true&ti=1&width=640&height=387&share=true (I believe the link will only be available until 9th January).

Our family is so terribly grateful to you all for the tremendous outpouring of love & support & sincere condolences, we have received in the past few weeks. Each touching gesture, each visit, each email, phone call, text message, facebook message, cards, flowers, etc. etc. we  have treasured. We could not get by without them. Many thanks also for the heartfelt condolences from dancers & teachers from other Melbourne clubs & from all around the world. We have also been inundated with beautiful tributes to Paul from his students & their parents, tennis players & officials from all over the world. Paul was truly a very special man & we could not be prouder!

Obviously we are so terribly sad & grieving, (& I suspect we will be for a long, long time). However, we still very much look forward to returning to dancing with you at the end of Shloshim (which is Monday 13th Jan).

 ZOOZ will re-commence  on Tuesday 14th January.  We know without a doubt, that our precious Paul, with his sunny & positive nature, would want this for us. He would want us to be happy & fulfilled. Dancing is one of the few things that will make us happy & escape our grief & heavy hearts for just  a few hours each day. With your support & understanding, we will get through the difficult times.

In January we usually do not teach anything new, as so many people are away on holidays. Instead, we will revise a few of our most recent dances, I'm sure you will be pleased to hear!

Please note -  we will not be starting our NEW Beginners courses until the 2nd week of February. I will soon be sending you a flyer with all the details that you can forward on to any interested friends or relatives. I will eventually put everything up on our website as well.
A further reminder of our workshop dates with our special guest teacher from Israel - May 1st - May 6th....... Keeping you in suspense! Smile I promise you - details coming VERY soon! Make sure you keep those dates free!! 

There are definitely more fun times ahead people!!! There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate good times TOGETHER!  We love to party at ZOOZ!

If you have any queries about the timetable or new beginners, please feel free to contact me.

With much love & gratitude,

Happy ZOOZ'ing always!

Richelle, Sam & Belinda


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