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‘ZOOZ’ meaning ‘MOVE ’ in Hebrew, burst onto the Melbourne Israeli Dancing Scene in September 2005. Headed by Richelle Arber, ZOOZ offers you the best of what Israeli dancing has to offer!
* Catering to all ages and all stages
* Specialists in ‘Beginners’ - getting people off to the best possible start. Reaching their highest potential.
* Committed to getting you to learn the basic steps quickly and well.
* Over 30 years Israeli Dancing Teaching Experience (combined) * Both Belinda and Richelle are also knowledgeable about various other dance styles (eg jazz, salsa, ballroom, funk, country and western, bollywood, ballet) all of which     influence Israeli dance.
* It’s more than just about the steps – we will teach you style and help your coordination. You’ll be amazed at how your skills improve with other things such as golf, tennis and aerobics!
* Non-threatening, welcoming and light-hearted atmosphere at all of our classes

Israeli dancing classes bring everyone together as one, no matter what your profession, background or age.
Be the best you can be! Come along and see for yourself what we’re all about. You’re sure to get fit, make new friends and lose yourself in the music and spirit of Israeli Dancing.

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