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In The Beginning... PDF Print E-mail
Let’s start at the very beginning……” . Yes, Sound of Music fans, you are right- it is the first line of Julie Andrew’s Doe Ray Me song. But what does that have to do with Israeli dancing??
Well, I wanted to share with you my experience of attending the new beginners classes the second time round. I initially just wanted to dance more, so started coming a tad earlier to join the beginners/low intermediate session. I certainly got a “bit more dancing in”, but after a couple of sessions, I thought, hey I’m actually picking up a few good pointers here!!!
I started to realise that I was enhancing my knowledge and changing my style and technique of the basic steps. My rhythm and timing skills also improved. Pleasingly, what I have gleaned in the beginners classes has been a great asset to me in learning the more advanced dances.
So guys, I strongly recommend that if you get the chance, come along to the beginners classes - you will certainly benefit a lot the second or even third time round!! I know that the first time I went through the beginner classes I was so busy just trying to move in the right direction and not step on anyone’s toes, that I didn’t pick up many of the gems that were being patiently taught.
Also not only will you gain from it, but the new beginners benefit enormously from having the more experienced dancers there to encourage and support them.

Cindy Berg - ZOOZ Assistant Teacher.
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