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Ira's words to ZOOZ PDF Print E-mail

Here is a short speech prepared by Ira Weisburd (choreographer of Sonata - also read the article on "SONATA" in our News & Events section), in honour of our 1st Birthday party...

Dear Richelle, It's hard to believe that you're just one year old!  I feel like I've known you for years!  How do I express my gratitude to you, ZOOZ and all the Israeli Dancers downunder?  You have been an inspiration and dear friend since we first met December, 2005.   Thank you for believing in me and carrying the torch.  Because of you, "Sonata" is now enjoyed in Israeli and International groups all over the world.   Your wonderful website, along with a variety of dance classes, and charitable events are the most powerful tools for spreading "joy to the world"!  Keep up the good work!   

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a fabulous Birthday! Wish I could be there with you! 

Regards from Florida,Ira 


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