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Below you will find an alphabetical listing of various Beginner level dances. To view the dance step notations, simply click on the name of the dance.  You will also be able to view the name of the dance in English as well as the name of the choreographer and year created for each one. Special thanks to our ZOOZ student, Martin Imber for his time and effort in getting this information together so comprehensively and for making it accessible to people around the world.

It is hard to believe that Martin started out as a completely NEW beginner in our ZOOZ class in August 2006. I started him off with my own notations for approximately 14 dances, which he has now expanded to well over 300. I am grateful that he has done this, as I myself would never have had the time!!I also have not had time to check the notations of each and every one of the dances that are listed! Some dances (mostly partner dances) I did not teach Martin, but I am confident that he was very thorough and that his mistakes (if any) would be minimal. If you pick up a mistake, I'm sure Martin would be pleased to amend his notes. Please let either Martin or myself know.

If there are any concerns, or if you want clarification on any steps, please write me - or phone me on 0416 137 554.

To view a breakdown of the individual steps required in circles as well as partner dances, please click on the dance steps glossary link below.

Dance Steps GLOSSARY



Amalel Shir

Bashana Habaah

Bepundak Katan


Hora Chadera 

Hora Medura

Hora Nirkoda


Nigun Atik

Od Lo Ahavty Dai

Od Yishama

Sham Harei Golan

Sulam Yaakov

Tsadik Katamar









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