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Launch Round-Up! PDF Print E-mail

The ZOOZ opening launch party was held on Tuesday 20th September 2005 at the hall in Finch Street East Malvern. The night was attended by over 180 people half of whom were keenly dancing the night away and showing the others how it’s done! Consisting of champagne, supper, welcome speeches, laughs and plenty of time to dance, the night was a great success and lots of fun! We thank all that came for their enthusiasm, support and the wonderful atmosphere you created!
OpeningParty.jpgA big thank you also to Claude for the incredible decorations, to Cindy our Assistant Teacher, to family members Sam, Rohan, Suzy and Jack, to all those who prepared food to bring along and of course to Belinda and Rohan’s very hospitable daughter Brooke (5yrs) who made sure the food was served around and son Damon (22 months) for keeping everyone on their toes!

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