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  Cindy Berg
  Cindy first started Israeli dancing in 2004,with Richelle as her teacher. She was immediately attracted to the music, the dances and the energy of Richelle's classes and became quickly addicted.
What Cindy loves about Israeli dancing is that it is a physical, social and fun activity all rolled into one. The lyrics and music have strong cultural and spiritual connections for her and she finds Israeli dancing very uplifting.
Cindy loves teaching new beginners and takes great delight in watching them progress and bloom into enthusiastic dancers.
Cindy brings to classes her own natural warmth, energy and love of Israeli dance and music. She has become an invaluable assistant to Richelle and Belinda in several classes. Cindy is now conducting the New beginners to Low Intermediate class on Thursday mornings.
  Claude Casalini:
  Claude started Israeli dancing about 6 years ago. At the time he didn't have much of a social life happening, and so a friend introduced him to Israeli dancing.
At the first class he attended at another dance school, he was impressed with the dancing and the music and everyone made it look so easy, until he started to try to do it himself. It was a disaster...he had no rhythm, & couldn't remember one step to the next. Nigun Atik, the most basic of dances, seemed impossible to him. After several weeks of friendly encouragement from the teachers, he finally learnt his first dance, which he thought was fantastic. Now when he watches new beginners in their first class with ZOOZ teachers, Richelle & Belinda, he is pleased to see that most people master this dance easily, (and many others), in their first or second session.
Claude has since learned many circle and line dances, but he particularly enjoys partner dancing.
He had some prior experience with mixing sound, so he started to advise and help Richelle with the computer, music and sound equipment. This eventually became his responsibility, and he thoroughly enjoys doing it. He also enjoys designing hall decorations for ZOOZ parties.
Israeli dancing has given Claude the opportunity to develop a major interest in his life and to make some good friends along the way.
  Suzy and Jack Isaacs:

I started dancing quite a few years ago. My sister, Richelle, was my 1st teacher.
She inspired me to learn circles, lines and partner dancing. I really enjoy the different styles of dances and rhythms of music from many countries. I particularly love the patterns in partner dancing, the tunes stay in my head even when I am away from the music. Dancing is good exercise. I get a good feeling of euphoria which is addictive. I have met such nice people through Israeli Dancing and have formed some lovely friendships. I convinced my husband Jack to join me in partner dancing. He was reluctant at first and then naturally became addicted to ALL of it.
Israeli Dancing at ZOOZ is especially a lot of fun. There are many dances we want to learn and perfect. We are in good hands and feet with my dedicated and passionate sister Richelle, and niece, Belinda. Jack and I admire them so much.

  Sam Arber:
  When Richelle started dancing about 15 years ago, I used to go to the Israeli dance parties and just be an observer. I felt I was too uncoordinated to dance myself and just enjoyed the music and company. Richelle danced twice a week on the nights that I played bridge, so it was very convenient.
She dragged me to the Brazilula workshop in Sao Paulo in 2001. I went mainly to see South America, and felt increasingly bored observing Richelle dance in countless dance sessions all over Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
On our return, Richelle commenced a beginner’s partner class and I experienced my first real taste of dancing. I was very frustrated at my inability to remember steps as I usually have a good memory. But I had very tolerant and forgiving partners! It must have been frustrating for Richelle too, because of my lack of co-ordination and rhythm. But she persevered………
I danced partner dancing only, for about 18 months, and then Richelle commenced a beginner’s circles session which I have been attending regularly and enjoy very much.
For a person who was extemely uncordinated and had trouble keeping rhythm, I am pleased to say that my dancing has slowly improved. But unexpectedly I have found that the biggest benefit has been a marked reduction in my golf handicap (from 28 to 21)with the improved balance and rhythm that I have obtained from my dance classes!
On the other hand, I think my bridge game has deteriorated as my memory cells are trying to retain dance steps- my card memory seems to be waning!


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